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Virtual Voodoo is a 3D voodoo doll simulator where your goal is to get the highest voodoo score possible by inflicting pain and curses on the voodoo doll. Customize the doll with several different cosmetic choices from glasses to different hairstyles and even clothing. Stick the doll with needles, fling it around the room or poke it with a stick to advance to the next voodoo level!The Virtual Voodoo doll challenges you to do your cruellest work, summoning pests, bad weather and all kinds of terrible luck in order to curse your victims for a massive voodoo score. Customise your doll to represent your targets and vent all your frustrations on this irritating little fella. Remember, it's just for fun, we don't believe in dark magic and don't recommend you do either.Much fun!Join now and have fun!


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