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This kind of shooting game in space is very classic. The game is simple and very easy to play, but equally attractive. In Game X - Raiden X, you control a spaceship to explore the universe. Inadvertently lost in space X, you face many monsters, space ships in space. They attack continuously on your spaceship. And with this situation, you have to fight back. However, the craft is only equipped with normal weapons, you will have to destroy the other ships, get the different weapons, the stronger the better, your fighting power will increase. great number of. However, the power of space monsters is not simple, you just hit a shot of them will also explode.Raiden also has more depth with tons of weapons and bombs and different stages. The soundtrack is great too. Enjoy playing Raiden X!This game has it all: addictive gameplay, great power-ups, and big scary bosses!Much fun!Join now and have fun!


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