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Creepy Creeps is a Tower Defence hybrid with unique gameplay. You can combine strategies by using not only towers but also bombs, traps and mines.Stop the evil creeps stealing and kidnapping your planets workers by placing defenses and traps. However if this cannot stop them it is not to late! Destroy the creeps before they run forever and you may still have a chance to get your workers back. With 8 towers to unlock there are many different possible strategies to defeat the creeps!Defend your alien family in this epic tower defense! This game is similar to plants vs. Zombies, only the enemies do not stay on the same path! Build mazes of turrets to slow them down in their tracks! Make sure you build a wide variety of towers for different effects. Also, very handy: you can pause the game while you build. This is useful because of how fast paced this game can get! Do you have the skills to beat all of the challenging levels?Much fun!Join now and have fun!


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